This Is How You Lose the Time War Review

This Is How You Lose the Time War was absolutely captivating. Honestly, I loved this one. It was magical and scary and fun and (thank goodness for audiobooks) a little sarcastic. But, it was a little odd. This is such a hard book to describe, and different from most of what I've read.

The writing was beautiful. The lyrical style of the writing made the mystery exotic and engaging. Reading love letters back and forth to each other, is incredibly romantic. The drawback is that it is difficult to understand the world being built. While it made the romance real, it also made it difficult to understand what was happening when you are thrown into the story at the start.

I listened to this one on audio this time and it really immersed me in them telling the story. Instead of just reading their love letters, I was listening to them tell read them back and forth. Everything that was already heartwrenching or heartwarming in the story felt intensified by the voice actors.

The drawback to listening to it on audiobook is that I feel like I missed such depth of the book. Did you ever expect that there were so many words for red? There were so many moments that I wanted to highlight and revisit. There were so many times I wished that I was more focused on the allusions I'm sure that I missed. I foresee a re-read in the future.

The mystery was gripping. The story is really one of action and adventure. It's a cat and mouse game through time and space. I love most novels that play with multiverse theory, so this had that going for it from the start. Not only does it offer an interesting sci-fi story, but it's interesting to understand where and when they are in history. Again, I'm sure I'm missing so much depth by not giving it my full attention on the first read.

The love story was heartwarming. The way that these enemies reluctantly fall in love with each other while constantly one-upping each other is so much fun. It reminds me of The Night Circus in that way.

This book is not for everybody. It was a bit tough to get into at the beginning when I was trying to orient myself in a world with little to no exposition. Some will likely be off-put by the lyrical style of the writing. But, for me?

I loved it. I've already recommended it to others. I will definitely read it again. I can't wait. I know there's so much more that I'll get out of it.


Science Fiction