This Fitness Book Might be a Little Too Much for One Plate

This book is full of great information on nutrition and fitness for a woman. It was an incredibly educational read. I've done a few things differently in my fitness and nutrition routine as a result of listening to this book. However, the downside to Sims's breadth of knowledge is that not all will be relevant to every reader.

Roar aims to be your comprehensive guide to fitness and nutrition strategy for female athletes. Her guiding principle is that "women are not small men" and that we must stop following guidance and studies based on male physiology. Instead, she encourages her athletes to leverage their unique female physiology to increase their performance.

I appreciate how Sims breaks down the female hormone cycle and other key aspects of physiology. She guides readers through ways to work with their physiology instead of against it during key phases of their cycle and of their life as hormones change with age. There are some key aspects of her advice that really resonated with me. For example, I have stopped intermittent fasting since reading this book.

An unfortunate side effect of covering so much information is that there will be sections of this book that seem irrelevant to where you are at your current stage of life. There was a large amount of information for women older than me that went in one ear and out the other as I was listening. That's okay for me. Maybe I'll come back to the information later in time, or maybe not.

Overall, I thought this was a good primer on fitness books. If you're looking for something specific this isn't it, but this is a great overview of where to start with optimizing your fitness as a woman


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