Reminding Myself that Laziness is a Lie

I listened to this entire audiobook while running. The irony is not lost on me. I have definitely been listening to The Laziness Lie for way too long. But tonight I quit my run early to write this review. I recognized my body's need for rest, and I'm taking the lessons of the book to heart. I really liked this book. A lot of that is because these are the kind of reminders that I need in my life.

Price's work is well written and well researched. If you find that you're an overachiever who has a hard time "just having fun" then this book will probably speak to you. Price discusses in-depth how buying into The Laziness Lie can actually decrease your overall production and lead to burnout. Price offers real tactical advice for work you can do to reframe the conversation in your brain around productivity.

What I think sets this book apart is Price's critique of society, capitalism, and social media. Price reminds readers of the many ways that it is convenient and profitable if we are always concerned with endless productivity.

Overall, I really liked the book. I didn't feel that anything was ever earth-shattering. Plus, that critique on Leslie Knope was hard to listen to. But, it had more high points than lows. If you're struggling with burnout or overcommitment and you're looking for tactical advice to set boundaries, pick this one up.


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