More Disappointed than Angry

Sanders' Critique of Capitalism is more Memoir than Analysis

I love to explore different genres and perspectives through the books I read. Recently, I picked up Bernie Sander's memoir It's Ok to be Angry about Capitalism. I dived into the book with an open mind, hopeful that it would offer us fresh insights on issues surrounding capitalism. However, unfortunately, it didn't quite meet our expectations. I was hoping for an in-depth review of the history of capitalism in America and analysis of how we got to where we are, but I was disappointed in the amount of memoir that the book includes. I appreciate Sander's efforts to discuss capitalism and critique it, but the book, in many ways, fell short of our expectations. Much of the book was dedicated to a memoir-style retelling of his campaigns for presidency. While there were some moments of delight that I appreciated in those stories, I didn't love living the experience the first time around and I could have done without retelling. The book lacked of clear structure and the coherence of the arguments presented. While reading the memoir, it often felt like Sanders kept discussing the same points repeatedly, without really going anywhere new. The book lacked flow, and felt more like an amalgamation of many of his campaign speeches.

I appreciate Sanders' efforts to create a conversation about capitalism, but the memoir did not live up to expectations. Overall it was just okay. If you're looking for a memoir on Sanders' most recent presidential campaigns and the work that he's been doing to fight for climate justice or healthcare for all this is worth picking up. If you're looking for a historical analysis of how we got to where we are in those industries, look elsewhere.


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