Love to Spare

Prince Harry's memoir Spare is a fascinating read that offers a rare glimpse into the life of a royal family member. The book is well-written and poignant, providing a unique perspective on the challenges of being a member of the British monarchy.

Harry has a talent for transporting the reader to that moment in time. Whether following behind Diana's casket or sitting under the star-filled Botswana sky Harry fills the moments with brilliant detail. The physical and emotional elements are raw and poignant. This one is an emotional journey.

Ultimately this is the story of a boy who always longed to be loved by his family and the man who finally made his own even when it cost him everything. It's impossible not to understand why he made the decision to protect his family when you really see the trauma that he continually faced at the hands of the media. While you may criticize him for now being part of that media, I respect that he was able to tell his truth.

Maybe because it already cost him everything, Prince Harry doesn't hold back in his criticisms of the royal family and the broader institution. He is candid about his experiences and the emotional toll that they have taken on him. At the same time, he writes with a great deal of empathy and compassion for the people in his life, including his family members. It is clear that he desperately loves his father and brother and that he wants more than anything to be part of their true family.

Overall, I really enjoyed Spare. If you have already binge-watched Harry and Meghan or you just love a good memoir I would pick this up -- preferably on audiobook. While there were a few sections that dragged a bit for me, the book as a whole is well worth the read.


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