File N°247 Review

This short and sweet chapter is the book equivalent of a post-credits scene. It seems like a waste that it wasn't appended to the ending of the audiobook that way. I read this sometime after completing the first book and without normal exposition, a single chapter was difficult to re-orient myself to what was going on.

The file includes a transcript of an interview between a prison warden and the story's nameless interrogator. As usual, the interrogator's questions vaguely veil what his real request is: the release of a prisoner. While the prisoner is never directly named, we can assume that person is Ryan. I'm excited to see him rejoin the team for the sequel.

Overall, it's probably worth the time given the time to read was all of five minutes but if this isn't already in front of you I probably wouldn't seek it out. I don't feel like skipping it would mean I miss out on anything ahead of the second book.


Science Fiction
Short Stories