Fall in love this Memorial Day

I couldn't put down this hot romance

From page 5 through the last page, I loved every minute of this romance.

The moment that McQuiston introduces as Mr. All-American with his grit, determination and healthy dose of sarcasm I'm all in. When we find out about his competitive obsession with Prince Henry it's obvious where things are headed but that doesn't make any of less enjoyable. I was shipping their romance before either had professed any potential interest.

The characters are relatable and interesting. Each has their own niche that they help with in the story. When compared with how 2020 really went, I must say that this version is happier and honestly less dramatic.

I appreciated how even the politic plot line never felt like an afterthought or forgotten. The story is not just about the romance between Alex and Henry, it's also a reminder of what politics can be for better and worse.

The only mild critique I can offer on this one is that the chapters were long. It could be difficult to find a stopping point - but I rarely minded the excuse to keep reading.

Overall this was all five stars. I love the characters. I thought the story unfolded masterfully and I look forward to revisiting it all again. I'd love to re-read some scenes after understanding the ending to see if there are more details that McQuiston planted that I never saw.


Young Adult